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Children’s creative dance in Brighton
Ages 2- Teens

Creative children's dance classes in Brighton

Fun and creative dance classes for children, with stories, role play, props and costumes to encourage movement exploration.  An imaginative approach to dance for young, inquisitive minds and bodies

Magic Moves

Creative dance for kids ages 2-7

A fun and creative dance class with stories, role play, props and costumes to encourage movement exploration. An imaginative approach to dance encouraging musicality and creativity through movement. Inspired by a range of music from African drumming to classical ballet music and using props such as streamers, flags, scarves and stretchy fabric to help create dances. 

Dance for Children
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Creative dance for kids ages 7-10

A fun contemporary dance class with plenty of opportunity for performance and creativity. Although contemporary based, the class often incorporates dance styles from around the world and always offers the opportunity to share in the creative process of dance making. There will also be opportunities to perform at local events. There is no uniform and children are gently encouraged to participate.


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ages 10-Teens 

A contemporary dance class with a creative twist. 

The first half of the class is for warming up and learning dance technique through movement exercises and phrases designed to improve strength, coordination, flexibility and musicality. Occasionally other dance styles will be fused with contemporary.

The second half of the class will be for making dances. You will work in small groups and individually on creative tasks learning choreographic skills to enable you to become a great dance maker and have a lot of fun doing it!


The group will also have the opportunity to perform at local dance festivals.

Both beginners and those with previous dance experience are welcome at this dance class. Just bring your enthusiasm for dance and dance making.

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Class timetable and Bookings

You can book using the system below, please contact Kate with any queries.

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