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This workshop has been postponed to the New Year.  If you are interested in booking please join the waiting list by clicking on the above button

So what is Motion Capture and what does it have to do with dance?

Motion capture, often abbreviated as MoCap, is a technology used to digitally record the movement of objects or living beings, such as humans or animals, and translate that movement into a digital format. This technology is widely used in various fields, including entertainment, sports, biomechanics, robotics, and more. Most people will be familiar with its use in the film industry, when creating visual effects such as realistic character animations, some of whom will dance (think of Happy Feet and that tap dancing penguin). 

MoCap can also be integrated into live dance performances to create interactive experiences. Dancers' movements can trigger visual or audio effects in real-time, providing a dynamic and engaging show for the audience.

How does it work?

Motion capture systems use various markers attached to specific points on the body, such as joints and key anatomical landmarks. These markers reflect light or emit signals that are captured by sensors and cameras.

How can my young dancer have a go?

They can join our Motion Play Workshop with Katie Dale-Everett Dance for 7-14 year olds (suggested age)

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